Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

(Joe Hagedorn)

Download “Six of One” Score

Written in 2006 for Martha Masters, up to twelve movements, up to 35 minutes. (Find revised versions of movements B, 4, and VIII in the suite “Still Life.”)

I started writing “Six of One” shortly after my twin sons were born, a unique and magical time. (The structure of pairs of related movements was inspired by the twins.) I wanted to immerse myself in a specific mood, explore it on a big canvass, and then let the player decide how long to sustain it. (You can play any number of movements in any order.) When asked, I cite this as my most personal piece, a kind of mission statement for what I hope to do as a guitar composer.

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“It is beautiful and sensitive music, very well written for the instrument, very communicative and with lots of personality. I specifically enjoyed the harmonic sensitivity and the rich textures that sound so well and natural on the guitar.”–Nadav Lev