Download “Ice” Score

For 10-string guitar (Yepes tuning,) written in 2012 for Jouni Stenroos, four movements, ca. 11 minutes.

I. I Split the Rock, II. And Calm the Sea, III. I Steal Your Light, IV. And Leave.

I was a bit apprehensive when Jouni commissioned me to write for the 10-string guitar. I figured I already have enough trouble with only six strings! But the Yepes tuning really opened up a whole new world of tonal possibilities, and writing for the instrument was liberating and something of a revelation. I hope I get more opportunities to write for it.

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“La domenica mattina la passo a diteggiarmi questo bel pezzo! Un linguaggio molto fresco e, peraltro, con difficoltà tecniche ben precise: i suoi quattro tempi potrebbero essere degli ottimi studi… che alla chitarra a dieci corde, notoriamente, mancano.”—Leonardo De Marchi