Speed (dragged)

I. Uphill (1:06) II. Plains (3:45 ) III. Downhill (8:24)

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Written in 2014 for Nemanja Ostojic, three movements, ca. 9 minutes.

Nemanja likes to ride his bike.

“This piece was inspired by my passion for cycling, and I am very impressed by how Michael was able to translate the kinetic energy and momentum of cycling into the irregular rhythm of 7/8, which common to the music of the area where I grew up. Besides the driving force of the first movement, Uphill, and all the good “workout” that comes with it, I can also relate to the more serene moments experienced while cycling at a slower pace. The second movement, Plains, brings the feelings of a cyclist who slows down on his path to both admire nature and recharge before the last sprint. The rhythmic and melodic ostinati of this movement are reminiscent of pedaling motion. Though a slower one, it remains very determined and meditative, immersed in the outdoors. The spinning feel of the sextuplets of the third movement, Downhill, remind me of the accelerating wheel on a downhill sprint, but it is interrupted by a quasi rondo, with slow jazzy inserts that provide an excellent balance to the gravity-driven main theme.”–Nemanja Ostojic

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